Champions of Sunday Living

Picture a perfect Sunday at home. Then imagine every day feels like that. For A.S.Helsingö’s Anssi Jokinen and Sebastian Schauman, this is the goal they are working towards, one home at a time. On Sundays, life slows down. Coffee tastes better. Day-to-day hurries are exchanged for a delightful slowness. On Sundays there’s nowhere to be. The newspaper waits for its reader on the kitchen table, breakfast is pleasantly unrushed. The world is far away, and home becomes a cocoon of safety and comfort. Could every day feel like this? Yes, according to Anssi Jokinen and Sebastian Schauman. For the two founders of Helsinki-based design company A.S.Helsingö, Sunday is a state of mind. Sunday is what Jokinen and Schauman want everyone’s home to feel like every day.

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Your relationship with your home is undoubtedly one of the most important relationships you’ll ever have. A.S.Helsingö strives to help you make that long-term love story flourish. “We want to give people the freedom to personalise their homes and create unique solutions for loved spaces. We want to enable people to choose high-quality design products that reflect their personality and enhance their home’s ambiance—at a reasonable price. After all, a beautiful home should not depend on the thickness of your wallet,” says Schauman.

Three years ago, the two design enthusiasts woke up to the fact that most people make huge compromises when it comes to building the very heart of their home: the kitchen. The duo felt that it was unfair that the only people who could ever even dream of design kitchens had to shell out tens of thousands of euros on a refurbishment, and still only be able to pick from a limited selection of styles. “Just like other people who are interested in design, we believe that good taste is not synonymous with high prices,” declares Schauman.

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Since Schauman and Jokinen’s first revelation, the company’s products have found their place in countless homes around the world, and its Scandinavian-infused designs are as at home in Paris, as they are in Helsinki or Stockholm. Yet, despite their global reach (A.S.Helsingö currently ships to 20 countries from their online shop), the company cherishes its Finnish roots, and they intend to nurture them. “It’s of the utmost importance that our products are manufactured in Finland, as we want to support Finnish artisanship,” explains Schauman. “There’s a world of knowledge and skill in Finland, but we haven’t traditionally been the best at turning our skills into commercial products,” continues Jokinen. They are adamant about keeping their production in their home country: “Could we do it cheaper? Yes, but doing it the way we do it now enables us to be closer to the production. This leaves room for new innovations, all the while supporting the traditional handcrafting skills and methods of the Finnish Lake District.”

But what give the founders of a company that champions Sunday living that Sunday feeling? “I’ll have to resort to a cliché,” admits Jokinen, “and say that it’s the smell of morning coffee, a quiet moment with the newspaper and no worries or hurries. It’s as simple as that,” Schauman quickly chimes in: “For me, it would have to be the same. Coffee, a newspaper and happy kids.”

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A.S.Helsingö is a Finnish design company that believes high-quality design should be within everyone’s reach. They offer kitchens, wardrobes and storage units, that are designed to fit IKEA’s cabinet frames. This allows them to offer high-class products at a competitive price. The selection is designed by top Scandinavian designers and made by Finnish craftsmen. All the products are sold through A.S.Helsingö online store.

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