Rugs are the roots of the home: they ground us and make us feel at ease wherever we are. Finnish rug company Finarte is set on helping you grow the cosiest roots possible.

Every country around the globe has its own long tradition when it comes to carpets. In Finland the rag rug, a humble cousin of the grandiose Persian or Moroccan carpet, has been a staple in many homes since the late 18th century. Often a lucky mishmash of multiple colours, textures and shapes; the rag rug has traditionally been a way of turning fabric scraps into weft—a beautiful way of honouring the life cycle of a textile. Finarte has been at the forefront of Finnish avant-garde rugs—modernising rag rugs while cherishing old rug weaving traditions—since the mid-1980s, when designer and pioneer of the Finnish rag rug Eija Rasinmäki and businessman Erkki Immonen joined forces. Since then, Finarte has proudly trodden its own path and grown into the leading design house for Finnish rugs.

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Finarte manages to unite the traditional rag rug with contemporary design in a harmonious marriage. Today, design is at the core of Finarte: Larissa Immonen (daughter of founder Erkki) grew up around rugs and has spent a sizeable chunk of her life travelling back and forth to meet the artisans who manufacture the company’s rugs in India. She is dedicated to growing the company through collaborations with interesting designers and brave decisions. Working with designers like Studio Smoo and Pasi Tunkelo-Kärkkäinen, as well as through their own rag rug collection, Finarte has built a set of supple aesthetics that are at once Scandinavian and international. The result is a delightful mix of colours, shapes and flavours from around
the globe.

Working with an array of artists is a strength when it leads to diversity in the drawing-room: “We like working with different freelance designers because they can look at our aesthetics from a fresh point of view,” explains Larissa. Finarte is living proof that moving forward doesn’t have to mean compromising valuable traditions: their rugs are still handwoven and many of the company’s designs feature classic shapes and motifs. For Finarte, sustainability is not just a mere mention at the end of a care label, but the very core of their craft, woven into the company’s fabric. All Finarte rugs are made of natural or recycled materials.

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Many of Finarte’s rugs play upon a nostalgic aesthetic, both from the Finnish countryside and of narrow Moroccan alleyways—not the visual cues that one would traditionally expect from a Scandinavian design company. Their latest pieces, designed with Studio Smoo, combine soft materials with hints of a southern European style; glimpses of secret gardens and charming courtyards. Yet again Finarte is leading the way when it comes to making the roots of our home a little less monochrome, and a little more vibrant. “We want to bring joy into the world,” says Larissa. “We want to be fun. We want to be a design house that, in addition to making beautiful rugs, also dares to make bold moves,” she concludes.

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Finarte is a company that manufactures rugs with boundary-breaking designs. All Finarte rugs are sustainably made in India with selected partners. Established in 1985, they regularly collaborate with designers from different fields without forgetting their roots.
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Photography ° Unto Rautio & Suvi Kesäläinen