New Vintage Service

Good things never age. Every bowl, plate and glass Iittala makes is designed to be used and loved from generation to generation. From now on we are able to give our old Iittala and Arabia tableware a new life in Iittala stores—and discover vintage pieces from ever-evolving in-store collection.

Iittala Vintage 02

Imagine your favourite mug: the curve of its handle, the soft shape of its edges, the way your fingertips trace its roundness as you’re watching the cars go by, lost in thought. Remember how it nearly shattered when you dropped it on the wooden floor in the living room, dancing to old jazz records late at night. Or even that time when your heartbroken friend came over, you gave her tea in that favourite mug and just for a second everything felt better.

Iittala Vintage 08

Objects are never just objects—they are vessels for memories and mementoes from days past. They hold stories and feelings, both joyous and melancholic. Glasses, mugs or plates can each be tiny time machines; touching objects from our past can carry us back to those moments and feelings. Even if an old piece hasn’t been brought forward from our own lives, they still make us dream about the people and places they may have seen: the homes they inhabited, the lives they enriched. Objects carry within them parallel universes and disparate histories.

Iittala Vintage 014

Every object evokes a story; the story evolves from generation to generation as the pieces are passed on. Iittala’s Vintage service wants to help continue the story by giving a new life to old tableware. Your old plates on a new table gives them another life, and will keep them refreshing dinners, lunches or picnics. Check if your local Iittala store already takes back vintage tableware. If so, gently pack up your old Iittala and Arabia products and take them to your nearest Iittala store. There, professionals will value your objects and make sure they find a home that will love them as much as you have. Let
the story continue.

Iittala 2019 Vintage 13

As a pioneer of Nordic design, Iittala is dedicated to the pursuit of better living. For iittala, design is a human issue, a way of looking forward. iittala believes in striving for balance by focussing on the essential things in life.

This year Iittala launched Vintage service. they also recycle broken or worn out glassware and ceramic tableware. Ceramics are ground into powder, which is reused in brick production, whereas glass waste is utilised as building insulation material.

The service will be available in all Iittala stores in Finland by the end of 2019 and will be expanded to other locations later.

Iittala Stores in Helsinki

Iittala store Amos Rex
Mannerheimintie 22–24

Iittala store Esplanadi
Pohjoisesplanadi 23

Iittala & Arabia Design Centre store
Vintage Service available,
Hämeentie 135 A

Iiittala store Redi
Vintage Service available,
hermannin rantatie 5

Iittala at habitare
6D48 (asun)
6G50 (BO LKV)


Photography ° Bryan Saragosa