Dreams of Tomorrow’s Bathrooms

Vieser is a Finnish family-owned company that enables smarter thinking and bigger dreams. Its roots lie in Ostrobothnia and its products (aesthetically pleasing floor drains and covers) are still manufactured and designed in Finland. More than five million bathrooms around the Nordics feature a Vieser floor drain system. Not only stylish, Vieser’s products are practical; a small change for a big vision. Globally renowned Helsinki and Paris-based designer Linda Bergroth reimagined the way we see bathrooms for Vieser’s booth at Habitare. We talked to her about Finnish bathing culture and why problem-solving is beautiful.

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“We all have a very set image of Finnish bathing culture in our minds. Perhaps we envisage a wooden sauna, but it’s usually an image that is quite rural. I wanted to bring the countryside sauna atmosphere and its comfortable feeling into an urban context. I also travelled to Japan in my mind. In Japan they use wood for their bathrooms in an elegant way, that looks good in our bathrooms too. Japanese and Finnish bathing cultures are in many ways really similar. My favourite part of the booth is its aesthetic peacefulness.

“Like many designers, I’m a little bit of a geek. Hardware stores are often the best sources of inspiration for me. I love seeing companies solve difficult issues in an aesthetic way. I admire the way some people turn complicated ideas into objects that exist with a certain effortlessness, ease and lightness. Problem-solving fascinates me.

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“I hope that in the future products that make difficult things (such as floor drainage systems) beautiful, will encourage people to design their bathrooms more freely. Scandinavian building regulations are rather rigid, and we want to follow rules to a T. This is in many ways good, but it has led us to a certain uniformity when it comes to our bathrooms. I hope that people will free their imaginations, shake up convention, and make their wildest dreams happen.”

Vieser manufactures high-quality floor drains and covers with a personal touch and inspiring design - for example Vieser Dot and Square drain covers are designed by Saku Sysio from Aivan agency. Established in 1973, the company strives to help their customers create distinctive decors that please the eye and create harmony.

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Vieser partners at Habitare

Accoya – Vieser Dot & Square cover materials
Dekton – Vieser Dot, Square & line cover materials
INR – Safety glass shower walls
Vola – Mixers and showers

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Photography ° Aivan Design