Objects That Tell Stories From Near and Far

We sit down with V’lody’s co-owners and designers Nora Hellberg and Elsa Vilén to discuss the brand’s aesthetics and creating a universe of one’s own. “Our aesthetics are rooted in our home city Helsinki. It is located in a deliciously special place, somewhere between East and West, this gives us a unique point of view. Helsinki has its own thing going on and that’s something that keeps inspiring us day after day.“

Vlody 01

“We cultivate our own aesthetics and proudly walk our own path. Our style is layered and more ornate than most Scandinavian brands—standing in contrast to the simplicity around us. It’s a mix of the influences present in Helsinki but spiced up with elements from around the world. We aren’t afraid of colours, surfaces and structures. We want to go on adventures to find different things and dive into new aesthetics. But above all we love beauty and beautiful objects.”

Vlody 02

”I hope that our products and aesthetics make people’s hearts skip a beat, that they find pieces to fall in love with. We also want them to fall in love with the way that we manufacture things, to know that they can love our pieces without feeling an ounce of guilt. For us, it’s important to know the people that we collaborate with, so that we’re thoroughly familiar with their processes. Our porcelain products are manufactured in a tiny factory in Germany, owned by a wonderful old man called Walter. He and his family have become our friends. Our textiles are produced in certified factories with whom we’ve nurtured relationships for over a decade.”

Vlody hero

”We want to create a universe of our own. As our collection widens, so does our universe: we’re currently looking into adding more textiles and accessories, as well as jewellery. The latest addition to our family is a set of paper lamp shades. We want to offer a way to be playful with interior design, through the freedom to build constellations of moods, colours and vibes. Not everything should be serious.”

V’lody is a Finnish brand for children, known for its pretty patterns and small interior-related objects. Established in 2018, this year the brand is manufacturing their own products with an even wider range. New lamps, rugs and smaller goods will be launched at Habitare.

habitare booth 6E48
Photography ° Bernhard Forsten